Our breeding ethic

Roberto Martínez and Silvia Martín with two Ka'Yo Yoi Tomodachi puppiesKa Yo´yoi Tomodachi has worked day after day for over a decade ago in zootechnics and in improving this breed’s three main pillars:

The first one is health, by not using dogs for breeding who may have signs of sebaceous adenitis, this way we try to ensure that this illness disappears from this breed.

Secondly, it’s very important to control hip displasia, so we x-ray and obtain an official certificate of “free of hip displasia” from AVEPA (Association of Spanish vets specialising in small animals) for all of our dogs devoted to breeding. In this sense, the importance of this certificate and of the organisation which issues them is remarkable. No breeder should avoid this or substitute it with less guaranteed documents.

And last, but not least important, the character selection, preserving the breed’s original character and obtaining completely balanced Akitas Inu.

Ka Yo´yoi Tomodachi  improves his work with the knowledge he has obtained along the years as well as a constant development in his education on: Training and dog education, animal health, genetic studies, handling and over all, animal well-being.

Tomodachi Akitas

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